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  1. Journal of Agricultural Innovation and Development
  2. কৃষি গবেষণা ফাউন্ডেশন (কেজিএফ) এর সার্বিক অগ্রগতি এবং ভবিষ্যৎ পরিকল্পনা বিষয়ক মতবিনিময় সভার কার্যবিবরণী
  3. Seedling transplanting: An alternative approach for maize cultivation in haor areas of Bangladesh
  4. Proposed Education-Research-Extension Coordination for Bangladesh Agriculture
  5. KGF-ICIMOD Consultation Workshop on Hill Agriculture in Chattogram Hill Tracts
  6. Review Workshop of the Completed and On-going Projects
Executive Director
Dr. Nathu Ram Sarker


  1. Newsletter, Vol. 01, Issue 02
  2. Newsletter, Vol. 01, Issue 01
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  2. Basic Research Projects(8)
  3. Capacity Enhancement Projects(4)
  4. CGP 2nd Call Projects(18)
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KGF Vision & Mission: Foster enabling environment for promoting quality agricultural research and development (R&D) and capacity enhancement for sustaining agricultural productivity and nutritional security &
Mission is to facilitate capacity improvement, technology generation and adaptation for enhancing productivity and quality of crops, fisheries and livestock agriculture through effective management of R&D under a competitive and pluralistic research environment.
Summary of KGF:
Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) is a government sponsored non-profit organization registered in 2007 with Certification of Incorporation from the Joint Stock Companies & Firms which started functioning from 2008. KGF as a grant making organization is responsible for, among others, management of short and long term research programs
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