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Visit of Dr. Matthew Morcell, DG, IRRI, Philippines at KGF on 08 March 2018.
Dr. Matthew Morell, Director General, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) paid a visit to Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) on 08 March 2018. He was accompanied by Dr. Nafiz Mia, IRRI Regional Representative for South Asia, Ms. Temina Lalani- Shariff, Head of Communication, IRRI and Dr. Hamnath Bhandari, IRRI Country Representative in Bangladesh. Dr. Wais Kabir, Executive Director, KGF welcomed the distinguished visitors at the BARC campus, Farmgate, Dhaka.rnrnrnrn
A meeting was arranged at BARC conference room to exchange views with the delegations of IRRI and the Professionals working with KGF. The discussion initiated with a brief power-point presentation of KGF on-going activities and future planning by Dr. Wais Kabir. Dr. Kabir gratefully acknowledged the contribution of IRRI on rice research and development including human resource development to attain rice self sufficiency addressing food security in Bangladesh. He reiterated the importance of pioneering role of IRRI in strengthening the global rice research management in the years to come. He also stressed the need for the development of stress tolerant rice varieties in the context of climate change. Dr. Kabir emphasized on cold tolerant rice development in Bangladesh. rnrn
Dr. Matthew Morell, DG, IRRI stressed upon the on-going activities and future planning of KGF including its support on augmenting agricultural research in Bangladesh. Other members of the visiting team also joined him to appreciate KGF efforts in promoting agricultural research in the country. DG, IRRI expressed the importance to work with KGF for sustainable rice self sufficiency including natural resource management in the coastal zone of Bangladesh and to provide value addition on KGF activities. Dr. Morell mentioned that under a work plan jointly developed by Bangladesh and IRRI, future collaborative research will be undertaken. Major areas identified are cold and short duration rice varieties, rice production through efficient polder water management and appropriate agricultural mechanization in boosting production. He expressed his willingness to extend all out cooperation to KGF especially in the areas of plant breeding, biotechnology and farm mechanization. rnrn
Dr. Wais Kabir, Executive Director, KGF emphasized the need for collaboration with IRRI to face the upcoming challenges of climate change. Finally, he thanked Dr. Mattew Morell and his team members for making valuable time to visit KGF and for the inspiration to carry forward KGF activities. Dr. Kabir also added that DG-IRRI’s visit will add value to fostering quality agricultural research in Bangladesh. The meeting ended with lunch in honor of DG, IRRI hosted by KGF
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